Boarding Prices

Taxi Service (Mon-Fri only). Not Bank Holidays. Please ask for a quote.

Daily Medication£1.00 per day

Daily Injection£3.00 per injection

BathSmall:£9.95 | Medium/Extra Large:£11.95

Grooming£3.00 per day. Professional grooming service available.
(prices on request)

  Off Season   Peak Season
Rabbits & Guinea Pigs £9.45 per day   £10.45 per day
All Cage Birds £8.95 per cage   £10.45 per day
Cats (all breeds)

Two cats or more from same family sharing
£9.95 per day
per cat

Less 10% discount on each
  £10.95 per day*
Dogs (small)
Yorkies, Westies, Cockers, Shelties
£12.45 per day   ALL DOGS*
(Except Extra Large)
£14.95 per day
Dogs (medium to large)
Collies, Springers, Staffs, Labs, Boxers, Retrievers
£12.95 per day  
Guard Dogs
Alsations, Dobermans, Old English, Rottweilers, English Bulls
£13.45 per day    
Extra Large
St Bernards, W'Hounds, Gt Danes
£14.95 per day  

Extra Large Dogs
£16.00 per day

Two dogs or more from same family sharing
Cross breeds will be charged to nearest bloodline
Less 10% discount    

HeatingCats: £2.00 per pen per day | Dogs: £2.00 per kennel per day

Peak Seasons

Summer: 1st July - 30th September | Christmas: 22nd December - 5th January
Easter: Easter Holiday will be charged at peak rate

All prices are exclusive of VAT - we reserve the right to increase prices at any time.

All dates are chargeable including arrival and departure dates.

Pet Boarding Prices
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